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Audiovisual content represents the heart of the digital age. In their role as the lifeblood of modern media, the disciplines of film and photography are in increasingly in high demand.

Dutch Academy
for Film and

In the fields of film and photography, professionals and aspirants, alike, require a dynamic learning environment that is designed to support them, as they prepare to enter the market and carve out their future. DAFP has established a strong reputation as an eminent filmmaking and photography institution with a firm grasp and clear understanding of the visual communication demands that is placed on photographers and filmmakers in the digital age.

For more than seven decades, The Dutch Academy for Film and Photography has played a key role in the development and promotion of visual communication. Members of the academy have been trained and empowered to pursue successful careers as market oriented film and photographic entrepreneurs. DAFP offers a broad range of courses from beginner to advanced levels, with delivery in multiple formats, including bachelor programs, minors and short courses.

Our teaching staff consists of highly trained, passionate and accomplished professionals in the field of photography, film and visual communication.

We inspire and nurture creativity through our unique blend of teaching methodologies. Along with technical and conceptual acumen, we also prioritize the development of business and professional prowess in our students. Courses in market research and positioning, revenue model development, client relations, and management are some of the ancillary skillsets taught to better equip our students for the marketplace they aim to enter. Today, DAFP is a renowned and fully accredited international institution with four campuses in the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Apeldoorn and Eindhoven.

We are proud of the organizational culture, academic methodologies and educational structure that we have established. An environment of freedom, responsibility, care and opportunity has been cultivated, and the harmonious relationship among our students, teachers and employees is immediately recognizable.

At DAFP we embrace and enthusiastically court diversity. With our new campus situated in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities, Amsterdam, our students are set to embark on a creative and fulfilling adventure. Our campuses are equipped with state of the art photographic and film studios, and are located at vantage areas in the cities where they are located. We are thrilled to open our doors to you and look forward to guiding and nurturing you, as you embark on your respective professional journey.


Paul Akkermans, President of DAFP

on the

The digital age continues to transform the role of images in communication. Through its three departments namely Film, Photography and Short Courses, the Dutch Academy for Film and Photography offers a creative, flexible and practical learning environment to prepare our talented students for jobs in their chosen fields of expertise. In today’s digital age, and as the importance of images in communication becomes increasingly noticeable, more than ever, the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true.

As we move further into the 21st century, it is clear that the skills related to images and capturing moments will be in high demand. Through its three departments: Film, Photography, and Short Courses, the Dutch Academy for Film and Photography, is positioned to support its students in meeting that demand. With a creative, flexible and rewarding learning environment that prepares talented students for exciting careers in image creation, we are at the forefront when it comes to digitization and lifelong learning. Our courses are structured to be delivered in multiple ways, which include interactive online tutorials with a built-in flexibility that empowers the modern learner and working professional.

your talent

At the Dutch Academy for Film and Photography, we maintain a safe and stimulating learning environment that empower our students to explore the depths of self-expression.

Students are challenged to explore the depths of their creativity and hone their talent, while acquiring superior knowledge and skills in the technical and conceptual aspects of their specializations. We offer small classes that promote interaction, and ensure that the students have the creative space to grow and thrive.


The Photography department trains exceptional and highly professional photographers. This is made possible by the quality and caliber of our faculty members, who are eager to nurture and develop new talent to the highest of standards.


We are especially proud to be the only private educational institute in the Netherlands with recognized and accredited photography courses.

Student grants and public transportation allowances are available for select courses. Students receive a recognized diploma upon completion of the course. Courses are structured to enable a seamless transition from our basic training levels to secondary vocational and higher vocational education levels in photography.