As one of the oldest and most renowned training institutions for professional photographers, we know that training needs can vary. That is why we offer photography courses at all levels, both part and full time.

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Both professional photographers and beginners, alike, can further develop their skills and upgrade their certification at The Dutch Academy for Film and Photography. Programs are highly accessible, as we have multiple locations spread throughout The Netherlands.

to expect?

Within the Photography Department, you will be immersed in the world of still images, where every angle is important. You will gain the ability to transform an idea into a creative image. This is the essence of professional photography. In order to meet this great challenge, students will be exposed to the rudiments of studio work and equipment handling. Their technical acumen will be developed so as to support a clear connection with the ethos of the profession. With this newly acquired technical knowledge and experience, students are expected to develop their own unique style of photography.

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With the photography marketplace being in a constant state of motion, the profession is continually evolving and requires constant development of new perspectives and revenue models. The Dutch Academy for Film and Photography is ahead of the innovation curve and places a strong emphasis on the professional development of its students. We ensure our students are prepared for an evolving labor market by educating them on a broad range of subjects.

Faculty members of our institution, in addition to being highly skilled in photography, come from a variety of backgrounds and have years of experience as entrepreneurs, managers and working professionals. As a result, they do not only teach the profession, but also make sure students are aware and capable of adapting to trends and changes in their fields.

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We consider it our duty to prepare talented professionals who can take full advantage of the opportunities made available by The Dutch Academy for Film and Photography. Our students gain the knowledge and experience to become top photographers, and additionally, to develop entrepreneurial and commercial skills. Students are able to accomplish so much, because of the stimulating environment that inspires them to choose their own paths of excellence and overcome future challenges.