Bachelor in Photography

Eyes on the future

The bachelor’s degree in Applied Photography and Visual Communication at DAFP prepares its graduates for lives as professional photographic entrepreneurs. As a program that is geared towards those who aim to sharpen their creative skills, this course of study aligns both technical and abstract subject matter, that elicits strengths and prepares for success in the field. Our bachelor programs are created in direct relation to the overall ambition of our Academy, which is: to prepare technically skilled graduates who are capable of directly entering the labor market; to instill creative methodologies that allow an understanding that sees below the surface to the depths of a memorable moment; to train and nurture the ability to synthesize content and present it in an organized and palpable way; and, to ensure that our graduates are socially sensitive and globally aware.

Curriculum Bachelor in Photography

The DAFP bachelor’s degree in Applied Photography and Visual Communication is a fully accredited four-year program. Each schoolyear is divided into four ten-week quarters, with an average of twelve subjects per quarter. In addition to core courses, you will be assigned annual projects to enhance your learning. These projects allow you to apply your course-learning in hands-on scenarios. They will also support you on zeroing-in on the focus and theme of your final assignments for the completion of the degree and the development of your photographic portfolio. All courses culminate in a final exam as a partial requirement for completion. To earn your degree, in the final year, you will complete an apprenticeship whilst working on your final project and writing your thesis.

At DAFP, we pay special attention to the technical skills that are required of you as a professional photographer. After you have mastered these skills, we will introduce you to subjects such as Audiovisual Design, Multimedia Design, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Art History and Cultural Philosophy, where you will become proficiently acquainted with aspects of photography. In doing so, you will increasingly develop yourself into a conceptual and creative professional ready to be successful in an increasingly competitive market place.

1st Year

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Image Processing 1 Lighting techniques 1 Project Creative Research Mentoring
Digital Photography 1 Image Processing 2 Entrepreneurship 1 Project: Creative research
Introduction to Communications Digital Photography Lighting techniques 2 Audiovisual Design 1
Art History Art History 2 Introduction to Photographic Disciplines Visual Development
Project Creative Research

2st Year

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Advanced Photographic Disciplines Advanced digital photography 2 Visual Culture studies 2 Visual Marketing
Art History 3 Art History 4 Audiovisual Design 2 Marketing and Communications
Advanced Digital Photography 1 Visual Culture studies Commercial Techniques Mentoring
Project: New Business Entrepreneurship 2 Project: New Business Project: New Business
Project: New Business

3st Year

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Landscape Photography Project: Personal style Project: Personal style Personal Style
Architectural Photography Advertising Photography Portrait Photography Project: Personal style
Documentary Photography Fashion Photography Audiovisual Design 3 Advanced Visual Culture Studies
Ethics Mentoring Research Entrepreneurship 3
Project: Personal Style Personal branding
Landscape and Architectural Photography

4st Year

1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter
Internship Internship Graduation Project: Photography Graduation Project: Photography
Graduation Project: Peer review Graduation Project: Peer review

Locations, dates & costs


Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Apeldoorn


September 2020

Course duration

4 Years

Tuition Fee

€ 15.000 per year

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to our bachelor program in Film and Audiovisual Media, you need to have completed your high school education, or a level 4 vocational training of higher education. All high school profiles are admittable.

  • High school transcript (If in Progress-Proof of Completion Required After Graduation)
  • Three-hundred-word personal statement that answers the questions:

    • Who you are
    • What you want to study at DAFP
    • Why do you want to study at DAFP
    • What you plan to do after completion of our program

  • Portfolio Sample (Program Dependent)
  • Language Examination Scores: TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/Cambridge
  • Application Fee: 70 Euros

As always, when embarking on a new academic adventure, there will be an application process to ensure that your interest and academic history are in line with our expectations. This ensures that we will be able to provide you with the highest possible level of instruction, no matter your artistic ability, you will be able to meet both our standards and yours.

We will require a copy of your high school transcript. If you are still completing your program, send us all you have done up until your most recent term of grades. After you graduate, before enrolling, we will require proof of completion.

We will also require a three-hundred-word personal statement that answers the questions: Who you are, what you want to study at DAFP and why and what you plan to do after completion.

Depending on your program of interest, we would like to see a sample of your work. Note, if this applies to you, we are not looking for professional level portfolios. We simply want to see what you have done so we can assess how far we can take you. To ensure that you can comprehend the courses and contribute to class discussion, we require evidence of English language capability, as all courses are taught in English.

The application fee is 70 Euros. This tells us that you are as serious about us as we are about you.

Smart choice

  • DAFP is the only private educational institution in the Netherlands with recognized and accredited Bachelor Programs in Photography.
  • Teachers are celebrated professionals in the field of Photography, with a passion for education.
  • DAFP students benefit from high levels of personal attention and small class sizes.
  • DAFP provides students with access to our large national network of internship offering companies, studios, publishers, media companies, TV production companies and museums.
  • Support is offered to international students in the areas of visa application, insurance, grants and other requirements. 


Level Bachelor Program
Course duration 4 years
Degree Bachelor in Arts

Tuition Fee

€ 15.000 per year

Accomodation Not included