Film Studies in Amsterdam

Create a fiction film and a documentary in Amsterdam

Create a fiction film and a documentary in Amsterdam.

Nestled in the heart of unique and vibrant Amsterdam, we bring you Film Studies in Amsterdam, a two- week program that will introduce you to the world of filmmaking. Film Studies in Amsterdam introduces aspiring filmmakers to a broad array of subject matter that is designed and intended to point them in the right direction as they begin their careers and pursue their own passions. This course is taught entirely in English and emphasizes opportunities for networking, the development of an artistic vision, that culminates in the production of two short films. DAFP instructors are celebrated industry professionals and work alongside program participants to nurture and empower them along their creative journeys. In part, this is done by placing course participants in an environment of excellence and equipping them with high-quality tools and access to top-notch studios.

Film is a special kind of medium that transcends borders and languages. As such, we aim to instruct an international cohort with diverse voices and personal narratives. We look forward to welcoming and supporting you as you prepare to share your story with the world.

Your filmmaking adventure in Amsterdam awaits!

Are you an aspiring filmmaker looking to starting from the beginning? Have you been exposed to filmmaking and are now at a point where you wish to improve your knowledge and skills? Do you enjoy exploring new cultures and making friends from around the world? Then our two-week course at the Dutch Academy for Film and Photography (DAFP) is perfect for you!

Course Schedule

Days Morning Evening
Day 1 Meet your classmates and
teachers at Grand Cafe Zo
Free evening
Day 2 Introduction to filmmaking Walk tour through Amsterdam with group
& Dinner at the Mooie Boules
Day 3 Basic camera, lighting, and film techniques Dutch cinema experience
Day 4 Learn the basics of editing Free Evening
Day 5 Pre production of fiction films Canal trip
Day 6 Basics of directing and producing your
fictional short film
Group dinner at famous Loetje’s Restaurant
Day 7 Shooting day visit Amsterdam Eye Filmmuseum
Day 8 Free Day Heineken Experience
Day 9 Spot and edit your film Beer and cheese tasting at brouwerij ‘Tij
Day 10 Introduction to documentary making Glow in the Dark Golf and group dinner
Day 11 Basics of documentary direction and producing Free Evening
Day 12 Shooting day Visit Anne Frank House
Day 13 Spot and edit your documentary Film screening and certificate ceremony
Day 14 Depart Amsterdam
Hotel check out @10:00 AM
Depart Amsterdam

Faculty Members

All DAFP instructors and faculty are lauded industry professionals. Along with teaching classes for DAFP programs, they have first-hand experience in the business of filmmaking and provide DAFP students with practical as well as technical advice on all aspects of film creation.

Joppe van Hulzen

Joppe van Hulzen is a filmmaker, photographer and game director. A graduate from the Dutch Film and Television Academy, Van Hulzen has won the Topkapi Fiction Film Award for his film Van de Wereld. In the third year of his studies at the academy, Joppe directed the film Inferno (2011).

Learn more about Joppe van Hulzen

Gaby Guzman

Gaby is the Program coordinator of DAFP and is responsible for the setting up and coordinating all aspects of the international program.

She has more than 20 years of experience as a producer (of films and special events) and as an educator in the Netherlands.. She has a vast experience in producing corporate films and short documentaries for mayor international brands in the Netherlands, governmental agencies, museums, universities and non-profit organizations.

Learn more about Gaby Guzman

Jan Willem Meurkens

Jan Willem is an audiovisual design expert, with years of experience in making acclaimed documentaries, video clips and corporate videos for clients such us UNICEF, NOVIB/OXFAM, WWF International, RTL 4, UNCTAD and the VPRO. Jan Willem has participated in many international film festivals and has a vast experience as a film professor.

Learn more about Jan Willem Meurkens

Anna de Beus

Anna has more than 17 years of experience as an Art Director, producer and project developer of creative content. Anna knows all the in’s and out of the film set and has developed projects for international clients, including Netflix. Anna is an accomplished coach of film talent, with years of experience teaching and coaching media students and professional filmmakers, film directors and scenarists.

Learn more about Anna de Beus

Admission requirements

  • All applicants must be 18 years or older and proficient in English.
  • High school transcript (If in Progress-Proof of Completion Required After Graduation)
  • Portfolio sample
  • Application Fee: € 70.- (The application fee is not applicable for students that register via Brain Gain)

As always, when embarking on a new academic adventure, there will be an application process to ensure that your interest and academic history are in line with our expectations. This ensures that we will be able to provide you with the highest possible level of instruction and that, no matter your artistic ability, you will be able to meet both our standards and yours.

We will require a copy of your high school transcript. If you are still completing your program, send us all you have done up until your most recent term of grades. After you graduate, before enrolling, we will require proof of completion.

The application fee is 70 Euros. This tells us that you are as serious about us as we are about you.


Students will be staying in shared doubles at the A&O Hostel in Amsterdam South East. All rooms are fully furbished and include their own private bathroom and toilet.

A&O Hostel is located in the Bullewijk district close to a metro station and walking distance from the NAVB campus. It is also close to the Ajax Amsterdam Arena, the world-famous Endemol TV studios, the Heineken Music Hall, and the Ballorig Children’s Play Paradise.

Relaxation’s just around the corner in Bijlmerpark. The reception and lobby bar are open 24 hours with snacks and refreshing drinks in the lobby.

Hostel include:

  • 24h service
  • A&O Lounge
  • Billiards
  • Bicycle hire
  • ATM
  • Guest kitchen
  • Hotel bar
  • Foosball
  • Kids’ corner
  • Lobby TV
  • Meeting rooms
  • Parking
  • Snacks
  • Tickets
  • Wi-Fi / Internet
  • Washing machine

Smart Choice

  • DAFP is the only private educational institution in the Netherlands with recognized and accredited Film and Photography Minors.
  • Teachers are celebrated professionals in the field of Film and Photography, with a passion for education.
  • DAFP students benefit from high levels of personal attention and small class sizes.
  • DAFP provides students with access to our large national network of internship offering companies, studios, publishers, media companies, TV production companies and museums.
  • Support is offered to international students in the areas of visa application, insurance, grants and other requirements. 


Level Course
Course duration 2 weeks


Certificate of Attendance

Tuition Fee

€ 3.500 per course

Accomodation Included


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